Muckdogs 17U
Muckdogs 19U
Northwest Royals A
Northwest Royals B
North Valleys Vipers A
North Valleys Venom B
Sparks Trojans



Thursday May 22nd

5:00 PM       Northwest Royals A vs. Muckdogs 19U  @ McQueen High

5:00 PM       Sparks Trojans vs. N.V. Vipers A  @ North Valleys High

5:00 PM       N.V. Venom B vs. Muckdogs 17U  @ North Valleys High JV

Friday May 23rd 

5:00 PM       Muckdogs 17U vs. Northwest Royals A   @ McQueen High

5:00 PM.      Muckdogs 19U vs. N.V. Vipers A  @ North Valleys High

5:00 PM       Northwest Royals B vs. Sparks Trojans @ North Valleys High JV


Saturday May 24th 

9:00 AM      N.V. Venom B vs. Northwest Royals B  @ North Valleys High

11:30 AM    N.V. Venom B vs. Sparks Trojans  @ North Valleys High

11:30 AM    Muckdogs 19U vs. Alumni  @ McQueen High

11:30 AM    Northwest Royals B vs. Muckdogs 17U  @ No. Valleys High JV


Sunday May 25th

9:00 AM      N.V. Vipers A vs. Northwest Royals B  @ McQueen High

9:00 AM      Muckdogs 19U vs. Sparks Trojans  @ Sparks High

11:30 AM    N.V. Vipers A vs. Northwest Royals A @ McQueen High

11:30 AM     Muckdogs 19U vs. Muckdogs 17U  @ Sparks High

2:00 PM      N.V. Venom B vs. Northwest Royals A @ McQueen High

*Coaches will be contacted Sunday evening via their cell phone to be notified of seeding for Monday, if not before then.  Goal will be to have at least one North Valleys team, one Northwest team and Sparks play at home on Monday.


Monday May 26th

9:00 AM     N.V. Venom B vs. Northwest Royals B @ North Valleys High

(15U/16U Championship)


9:00 AM     #5 seed vs. #Muckdogs 17U @ Sparks High

9:00 AM    #3 seed vs. #4 seed  @ McQueen High

11:30 AM    #1 seed vs. #2 seed  @ Sparks High

Tournament Schedule May 22-26